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PEDSPN  Pediatric Allergy Panel Immunology
PEDSPN New  Pediatric Allergy Panel Immunology
PEDBLN  Pediatric Bilirbuin Panel Chemistry
PDSTLP  Pediatric ER Panel II Chemistry
PDLPNL  Pediatric Hepatic Function Panel Chemistry
PPRGPN  Peds Progressive Allergy Panel Immunology
PPRGPN New  Peds Progressive Allergy Panel Immunology
PCHRE  Penicillium chrysogenum, IgE Immunology
PCHRE New  Penicillium chrysogenum, IgE Immunology
PGLAE  Penicillium glabrum/P.frequentans, IgE Immunology
PGLAE New  Penicillium glabrum/P.frequentans, IgE Immunology
PGE  Penicilloyl G, IgE Immunology
PGE New  Penicilloyl G, IgE Immunology
PVE  Penicilloyl V, IgE Immunology
PVE New  Penicilloyl V, IgE Immunology
PENTS  Pentobarbital, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
PFA  PFA-100 (Platelet Function Analyzer) Coagulation
RTBGPH  pH, Body Fluid Clinical Chemistry, Rapid Response Laboratory
PCPU  Phencyclidine, Qualitative Screen, Urine Chemistry
BARB  Phenobarbital Chemistry
DILA  Phenytoin (Dilantin) Chemistry
PBETE  Phoma betae, IgE Immunology
PBETE New  Phoma betae, IgE Immunology
Phosphorus Chemistry
PINUTE  Pine Nut (Pignoles), IgE Immunology