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F11HM  Factor (11) XI for Hemophilia Monitoring Coagulation
F9HM  Factor (9) IX for Hemophilia Monitoring Coagulation
FA2  Factor II (2) Activity Coagulation
F2IT  Factor II Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA9  Factor IX (9) Activity Coagulation
F9IT  Factor IX Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA5  Factor V (5) Activity Coagulation
F5IT  Factor V Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FVI  Factor V Leiden Mutation Detection (Blood) Molecular Diagnostics
FVLAPC  Factor V Leiden/Activated Protein C Resistance Coagulation
FA7  Factor VII (7) Activity Coagulation
F7IT  Factor VII Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA8  Factor VIII (8) Activity Coagulation
F8IT  Factor VIII Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA10  Factor X (10) Activity Coagulation
F10T  Factor X Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA11  Factor XI (11) Activity Coagulation
F11T  Factor XI Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FA12  Factor XII (12) Activity Coagulation
F12T  Factor XII Inhibitor Titer Coagulation
FATF  Fat, Feces Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FAPEP  Fatty Acid Profile, Essential, Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
POX  Fatty Acid Profile, Peroxisomal (C22-C26), Serum Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
FLK New  Fecal Leukocytes Stool, Direct Examination Microbiology
LEU  Fecal Leukocytes, Feces Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester