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CGCORL  Chlamydia/GC Amplified Probe (Oropharyngeal) Microbiology
CGCREC  Chlamydia/GC Amplified Probe (Rectal) Microbiology
CGCURE  Chlamydia/GC Amplified Probe (Urethral) Microbiology
CGCU  Chlamydia/GC Amplified Probe, Urine Microbiology
CL  Chloride Chemistry
FCL  Chloride, Body Fluid Chemistry
SWCL  Chloride, Sweat Chemistry
URCL (timed), RCL (random)  Chloride, Urine Chemistry
FLCHO  Cholesterol, Body Fluid Chemistry
HDL  Cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotein Chemistry
LDLD  Cholesterol, Low Density Lipoprotein, Direct Measurement Chemistry
CHOL  Cholesterol, Total Chemistry
CHRAB  Chromatin Ab Immunology
CRS  Chromium, Serum Mayo Medical Laboratories in Rochester
FAXCHR  Chromogenic Factor X Assay Coagulation
CGAK  Chromogranin A, Serum Mayo Medical Laboratories in Rochester
CGPBR  Chromosome Analysis with Reflex to SNP Array, Peripheral Blood Cytogenetics, Constitutional
CGOR  Chromosome Analysis with Reflex to SNP Array, Products of Conception Cytogenetics, Constitutional
LABAPCCOTH (EPIC)  Chromosome Analysis, Cancer, Bone Marrow or Bone Core Cytogenetics, Cancer
LABAPCCKPB  Chromosome Analysis, Cancer, Peripheral Blood Cytogenetics, Cancer
LABAPCCKOTH (EPIC)  Chromosome Analysis, Cancer, Solid Tumors/Lymph Nodes Cytogenetics, Cancer
CGBP  Chromosome Analysis, congenital disorders, peripheral blood Cytogenetics, Constitutional
CGAF  Chromosome Analysis, prenatal, amniotic fluid Cytogenetics, Constitutional
CGCV  Chromosome Analysis, prenatal, chorionic villi Cytogenetics, Constitutional
CGPOC  Chromosome Analysis, products of conception Cytogenetics, Constitutional