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Test Code ENDCCX Endothelial Cell Crossmatch

Important Note

Synonym " ENDCCX"

Use Sunquest code "ENDCCX" to order


Specimen Type


Offsite Collection Instructions

Allow the specimen to clot.

Spin Red Top.

Aliquot serum.

Send serum at room temperature to the UCM Hyde Park Main Lab (Laboratory Service Center) in room Mitchell Hospital TW005.

Turnaround Time

15 days


Red Top

Preferred Volume

Adult: 7 to 10 mL

Pediatric: 4 mL

UCMC Collection Instructions

Collect blood from venipuncture.  Fill red top tube completely and send to the laboratory.


Specimen must be received in the laboratory Monday through Thursday ONLY. Specimens cannot be sent out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

STAT Availability

Not Available

Test Methodology

Flow Cytometry

CPT Code


Minimum Volume

1 mL

Reference Range

Greater than 50 MCS (Median Channel Shift) is Positive

Performing Laboratory

UCLA Immunogenetics Center

UCLA Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine

Los Angeles, CA 90095