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Test Code Zika Virus Zika Virus

Important Note

In Epic, order Miscellaneous Send Out Test, code SNDOUT.  Indicate specimen type and Zika Virus Testing.


Authorization from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) must be obtained prior to testing. Fill out the authorization form and fax to CDPH. CDPH will fax back the authorization number if testing is approved. Once the authorization number is obtained, fill out the IDPH Arboviral test form and fax the form to the Clinical Microbiology Lab at 773-702-2315. Once the Clinical Microbiology Lab has received both the specimen(s) and the Arboviral test form with the test authorization number, the specimen will be submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Laboratory.


Forms found to the left under Resources.

Specimen Type

Serum required - 1 mL

Urine may also be submitted - 1 mL

CSF may also be submitted - 1 mL

Amniotic fluid may also be submitted - 1 mL

Offsite Collection Instructions

See UCMC Collection Instructions

Turnaround Time

7-10 days once both specimen and form have been received.


Serum submitted in serum separator or red top tube

All other specimens submitted in a sterile cup with an "O" ring.


Specimens sent out Monday through Friday.

STAT Availability


Test Methodology


UCMC Collection Instructions

Serum - Collect blood from venipuncture. Fill gold top or red top tube completely and send to the laboratory.

Urine - Clean void specimen collected in sterile cup.