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Test Code TETF Testosterone, Total and Free

Specimen Type



Red top

Preferred Volume

6 mL


Tuesday and Friday

Turnaround Time

4 – 5 days

STAT Availability

Not Available

Test Methodology

LC-MS/MS for total testosterone
bromcresol green, spectrophotometric, endpoint for albumin
electrochemiluminescent immunoassay (ECLIA) for SHBG

CPT Code

84403, 84270, 82040

Test Includes

total testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), albumin and calculated free testosterone

STAT Turnaround Time

not available

Reference Range

Refer to total testosterone, albumin and SHBG tests for reference range information.

Free Testosterone
Prepubertal (5-9 years) <3.0* pg/mL
Age 17-55 years 90-300 pg/mL [or 9.0-30.0 ng/dL]

Prepubertal (5-8 years) <3.0* pg/mL
Age 11-40 years 3.0-9.0* pg/mL [or 0.3-0.9 ng/dL]


*Derived by calculation from our normative data established in carefully screened children (6-11 yrs old) and young women (11-40 yrs old, eumenorrheic, nonhirsute, with ultrasonographically normal ovaries, reference attached), we expect the normal upper limit (95th percentile) of free testosterone to be <3.0 pg/ml in prepubertal children and 9.0 pg/mL in women. For pubertal children, free testosterone values are intermediate and fall between prepubertal and adults values and overlap with both. For aging men and post-menopausal women, values fall proportionally as much as or more than total testosterone.


1. Children: Bordini BD, Littlejohn EE, Rosenfeld RL. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2009; 94: 1168-1175
2. Women: Mortensen M, Ehrmann DA, Littlejohn E, Rosenfield RL. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2009; 94: 1579-86
3. Rosenfield RL, Mortensen M, Wroblewski K, Littlejohn E, Ehrmann DA. Determination of the source of androgen excess in functionally atypical polycystic ovary syndrome by a short dexamethasone androgen-suppression test and a low-dose ACTH test. Hum Reprod 2011;26:3138-46
4. Ober C, Loisel DA, Gilad Y. Sex-specific architecture of human disease. Nat Rev Gen 2008;doi:10.1038/nrg2415.

Critical Results


Minimum Volume

4 mL

Fee Code

43259, 43218, 43372