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Test Code TEGS TEG1 Standard-If No Heparin or Massive Bleed

Important Note

Indications: for non-operative bleeding/clotting, for operative bleeding/clotting in patients not on heparin or receiving massive transfusion, or for pre-operative baseline.

Specimen Type



1 light blue top tubes, 3.2% sodium citrate, PROPERLY FILLED TO THE FILL LINE.

Preferred Volume

2.7 mL

UCMC Collection Instructions

  • Using 21G or larger needle, collect one 2.7 mL light blue top tube after 3 mL discard (5 mL discard if from indwelling catheter). Gently invert (do not shake!) sample tube 5 times. Sample must NOT be refrigerated or exposed to excessive heat.

    Send properly labeled specimen (ideally Sunquest label) to Coagulation lab (station 904) without delay.
  • Test may only be added on to an existing TEG order up to 2 hours following the time of blood draw.


TEG 5000 testing is performed 24/7 (i.e., all 3 shifts, Monday through Sunday).


Coagulation Laboratory (contact phone # 2-1315) must be notified 30 minutes ahead of sending sample to laboratory, or run will be delayed.

Turnaround Time

2 hours

STAT Availability


Test Methodology


Additional Information

All 3.2% sodium citrate light blue top tubes require a ratio of 9 parts blood to 1 part anticoagulant (example: a 3.0 mL tube requires 2.7 mL blood added to 0.3 mL of anticoagulant).



Please document any drugs affecting hemostasis as well as any recent transfusions/fluid resuscitations in the relevant parts of this order in EPIC.

CPT Code


Fee Code


Test Includes

TEG Kaolin: R-time, K-time, Angle, MA and LY30.


Pathologist’s Interpretation, if selected, will be resulted into EPIC by the end of the business day following TEG 5000 testing.

In instances where more immediate interpretations may be needed, please contact:


                Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM: Coagulation Laboratory at 2-1315

                All other times:  Laboratory Medicine Resident On-Call (LMROC) at Pager 7910.







Critical Results


Reference Range

TEG Kaolin:

R-time: 4.0-8.0 minutes

K-time: 1.0-2.1 minutes

Angle: 60.0-73.0 degrees

MA: 57.0-74.0 mm

LY30: 0.0-5.0%

Minimum Volume

2.7 mL






Coverage Information

CMS has established a national coverage policy (NCD) for Medicare for this test as of November 25, 2002. Please document medical necessity. For more details click this link:


Thromboelastograph, TEG