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Test Code ABRH ABO/Rh Typing

Important Note

Blood Type only - if transfusion is needed a Type and Screen (TYS) must be ordered.

Specimen Type



Pink top

Preferred Volume

6 mL

Offsite Collection Instructions

Sample must be labeled with last name, first name, medical record number, date of collection, phlebotomist ID



Turnaround Time

2 hours

STAT Availability

Not Available

Test Usage

  • Informational for blood type only
  • Organ transplant blood type confirmation
  • EPIC ABO/Rh order form includes order modification to additionally perform A subgroup typing for transplant patients

CPT Code

86900, 86901

Minimum Volume

2 mL

Fee Code

30168, 30169

Test Includes

ABO and RH typing only.