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VREIC  Culture Screen, VRE (for Infection Control only) Microbiology
ACAC  Culture, Acanthamoeba Microbiology
AFBD  Culture, Acid Fast Bacilli (not blood, CSF or bone marrow) Microbiology
FAIR  Culture, Air sample, Fungus Microbiology
ANAC  Culture, Anaerobic/Aerobic Bacteria Microbiology
BXC  Culture, Biopsy, Bacteria Microbiology
QCSA  Culture, Biopsy, Quantitative with Smear and Anaerobes, Bacteria Microbiology
QNCS  Culture, Biopsy, Quantitative with Smear, Bacteria Microbiology
QNC  Culture, Biopsy, Quantitative, Bacteria Microbiology
FQNT  Culture, Biopsy, Quantitative, Fungus Microbiology
BNKC  Culture, Blood Bags, Bacteria Microbiology
AFBB  Culture, Blood, Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Microbiology
BDC  Culture, Blood, Bacterial and Fungal Microbiology
FFLD  Culture, Body Fluid, Fungus Microbiology
FLDC  Culture, Body Fluid, Miscellaneous, Bacteria Microbiology
AFBM  Culture, Bone marrow, Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Microbiology
BMC  Culture, Bone Marrow, Bacteria Microbiology
TIPC  Culture, Catheter Tip, Intravenous, Bacteria Microbiology
FCT  Culture, Catheter Tip, Intravenous, Fungus Microbiology
SFC  Culture, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Bacteria Microbiology
FCSF  Culture, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), Fungus Microbiology
ACSF  Culture, CSF, Acid Fast Bacilli Microbiology
DERM  Culture, Dermatophyte, Fungus Microbiology
DLYC  Culture, Dialysis Fluid, Bacteria Microbiology
EARC  Culture, Ear, Bacteria Microbiology