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Test Code SCOT Scotch Tape Preparation

Specimen Type

Perianal area scotch tape preparation


See additional info

Offsite Collection Instructions

See UCMC collection instructions.

UCMC Collection Instructions

Specimen Collection: Use transparent tape (not magic tape). Loop tape over end of tongue depressor and press gummy surface against perianal region. Transfer tape to glass slide, sticky side down. Place slide in a sterile container. The best time for collection is a few hours after patient retires or first thing in the morning. 4-6 negative tapes may be needed to rule out infection.

Specimen Transport:   7 days  , no refrigeration

See Microbiology Specimen Collection:

  • “Intestinal”, Table 2 PARASITOLOGY


Monday through Saturday. Specimen processed same day if received in Microbiology lab by 4 PM Monday through Friday and Saturday by 1 PM.

Turnaround Time

Minimum 24 hours

STAT Availability

Not Available

Additional Information

Call Microbiology lab (2-6133) for information on proper collection and transport.

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Reference Range


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