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Test Code IFOB Occult Blood in Feces, Immunochemical Method

Specimen Type

Feces (stool specimen) collected on Hemoccult ICT collection card

If Hemoccult ICT cards are not available, the stool specimen can be submitted in a plastic specimen container. 


Hemoccult ICT collection card

Offsite Collection Instructions

Patients should not collect samples three days before, during, or three days after their menstrual period, if they have bleeding hemorrhoids, blood in their urine, open cuts on their hands, or if they have strained during the bowel movement.

Turnaround Time

24 hours

Days and Times Performed


Method Name

Hemoccult ICT Immunochemical Fecal
Occult Blood Test

Test Limitations

Potential False Negative: Very high concentrations of blood (visibly bloody stool) may test as negative due to prozone effects.

Additional Information

The Occult Blood Feces, Immunochemical method (Hemoccult ICT)may detect occult blood when it is the result of lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding, but may fail to detect upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding, producing a negative result. Therefore the Occult Blood, Feces Guaiac Method (Hemoccult Sensa) is used for suspected upper GI bleeding and Hemoccult ICT is used for suspected lower GI bleeding.


Hemoccult ICT

Fee Code


Stat Days and Times Performed

Not Available



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