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Test Code FLALBC Albumin, Body Fluid

Specimen Type

Acceptable fluid types include: Pericardial, Peritoneal, Pleural, Joint, Amniotic, and CSF


Red top tube

Sterile Container

Preferred Volume

5 mL

UCMC Collection Instructions

If you need a specimen source not found in order entry, submit the specimen with a miscellaneous requisition specifying fluid type, or contact the laboratory (2-1772) for additional submission instructions. Fluids submitted that are not on the list of acceptable fluid types require laboratory director approval for analysis.



Turnaround Time

4 hours

STAT Availability

Not Available

Test Methodology

Endpoint Colorimetric (Bromcresol green)

CPT Code


Test Includes

Quantitative albumin analysis

Reference Range

No reference range available. 

Critical Results


Test Limitations

Test method analytical performance not validated for specimen type. The test result should be integrated into the clinical context for interpretation.

Minimum Volume

2 mL

Fee Code