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Test Code ESR Sedimentation Rate, Westergren

Specimen Type



Lavender top

Preferred Volume

4.2 mL



Turnaround Time

24 hours

STAT Availability

Not Available

Test Usage

CRP is better than ESR to monitor many inflammatory diseases.

Test Methodology

Modified Westergren, Streck ESR Auto Plus Instrument

CPT Code


Test Limitations

Specimen must be delivered within 4 hours. If sending from outside locations, please refrigerate the specimen until the courier arrives.
Rejection criteria: specimen too old (not refrigerated), clotted specimen, short draw, wrong specimen draw tube

Reference Range


Age in Years Male: Female:
0-44 0-15 0-20
45-49 0-22 1-39
50-54 0-25 1-41
55-59 0-28 1-44
60-64 0-33 1-47
65-69 0-35 1-50
70-79 0-38 1-53


Coverage Information

CMS has established a national coverage policy (NCD) for Medicare for this test as of November 25, 2002. Please document medical necessity. For more details click this link:

Minimum Volume

2 mL in 4 mL tube mL

Fee Code