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Test Code CCSF Spinal Fluid Analysis

Specimen Type

Cerebral Spinal Fluid


Plastic tube or container ONLY

UCMC Collection Instructions

 If cell counts on multiple tubes are needed, then separate orders are necessary.



Turnaround Time

All performed STAT within 2 hours of receipt.

STAT Availability


Test Methodology

 WBC and RBC counts: Manual hemacytometer and Advia 2120 automated instrument. Differential: Wright stained cytospin concentration smear.

Additional Information

Send directly to the laboratory after collection. DO NOT STORE.

CPT Code


STAT Turnaround Time

All performed STAT within 2 hours of receipt.

Reference Range

RBC:                 0
WBC:                Age 0-11 Months: 0-30 /UL
                          Age 1-4 Years: 0-20 /UL
                          Age 4.1-11 Years: 0-10 /UL
                          Age 12 Years and older: 0-5 /UL
Neutrophils:     Age 0-1 Month: 0-8%
                         Age 2 Months and older: 0-6%
Monocytes:     Age 0-1 Month: 50-90%
                         Age 2 Months and older: 15-45%
Lymphocytes: Age 0-1 Month: 5-35%
                         Age 2 Months and older: 40-80%
Eosinophils:    0%
Basophils:       0%

Critical Results

Any intracellular bacteria or other organisms present

Minimum Volume

0.5 mL

Fee Code



CSF Cell Count

Test Includes

Total WBC and Differential, total RBC. Pathologist review upon request.