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Test Code TEGMT TEG3 Complex-Trauma, MTP, etc.

Important Note

For bleeding patients requiring transfusion of >  4RBC units/hour.

Specimen Type



2 light blue top tubes, 3.2% sodium citrate, PROPERLY FILLED TO THE FILL LINE.

Preferred Volume

5.4 mL

UCMC Collection Instructions

  • Collect two 2.7 mL light blue tubes.  Do not shake tubes, do not expose to extremes of temperature
  • Once drawn, properly label tubes (ideally with a Sunquest label), pack them appropriately, and send sample to Coagulation lab via pneumatic tube (tube station 904).  Samples should be sent ASAP.
  • Test may only be added on to an existing TEG order up to 2 hours following the time of blood draw.


Laboratory Hours for initiating TEG assays: 7:30 AM-3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.


Coagulation Laboratory (contact phone # 2-1315) must be notified 30 minutes ahead of sending sample to laboratory, or run will be delayed.

Turnaround Time

2 hours

STAT Availability


Test Methodology

Thromboelastography, MTP, Trauma, TEG

Additional Information

All 3.2% sodium citrate light blue top tubes require a ratio of 9 parts blood to 1 part anticoagulant (example: a 3.0 mL tube requires 2.7 mL blood added to 0.3 mL of anticoagulant).


Please document any drugs affecting hemostasis as well as any recent transfusions/fluid resuscitations in the relevant parts of this order in EPIC.

CPT Code

85347, 85374, 85384

Test Includes

1. TEG Kaolin: R-time, K-time, Angle, MA and LY30.

2. Rapid TEG: ACT, R-time, K-time, angle and MA.

3. TEG Functional Fibrinogen: MA and Fibrinogen Level.

4. Pathologist’s Interpretation

Critical Results


Reference Range

TEG Kaolin:

R-time: 4.0-8.0 minutes

K-time: 1.0-2.1 minutes

Angle: 60.0-73.0 degrees

MA: 57.0-74.0 mm

LY30: 0.0-5.0%


Rapid TEG:

TEG ACT: 74-128 seconds

R-time: 0.2-0.9 minutes

K-time: 0.6-1.8 minutes

Angle: 70.0-82.0 degrees

MA: 57.0-72.0 mm


TEG Functional Fibrinogen:

MA: 13.0-32.0 mm

Fibrinogen Level: 250.0-600.0 mg/dL

Minimum Volume

2.7 mL






Coverage Information

CMS has established a national coverage policy (NCD) for Medicare for this test as of November 25, 2002. Please document medical necessity. For more details click this link:


Thromboelastograph, TEG, MTP, Trauma